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Large blue hair
Ay Carumba!
Plays Trumpet
Always a baby
Boss of the powerplant
Gay assistant at power plant
Owner of Kwikemart
Drunk at the tavern
Owner of the tavern
The sheriffs son. Gets crayons stuck up nose.
Barts best friend
Annoying next door neighboor. Diddly
Neighbours diddly wife
Barts teacher
School Bully
The clown
Marges sister number 1
Marges sister number 2
The Groundskeeper
Homers old man
The Principal
Little old man, get hit in the crotch by a ball in one episode in a short film.
Homers work mate (white)
Homers work mate (black)
The head constable of Springfield
The main movie star of Springfield
Where Bart buys his comics from
The Simpsons Doctor who chuckles at everything
The newsreader
Head of the church
The mayor
Principals mother.
Neighbours kid number 1
Neighbours kid number 2
Wants to kill Bart
The clowns sidekick
Lisa's teacher

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