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Can you name the heroes from the Warcraft III Campaign?

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Warchief of the Horde
Short tempered Orc chieftan
Cheiftan of the Bloodhoof Tauren
Witchdoctor and leader of the Darkspear Trolls
Powerful Human Sorceress
Human Prince who later was corrupted by the Lich King
Paladin and Mentor to the Prince
Dwarf in charge of a failed expedition into Northrend
Leader of the sisters of Elune
Nightelf Archdruid
'The Betrayer'
Ranger General of Silvermoon
Lord of the forest and patron god of druids
A powerful necromancer who was ressurected as a lich
Dreadlord who spread plague laced grain throughout Lordaeron
Leader of the Nathrezim and jailor of the Lich King
Pit lord responsible for the corruption of the Orcs
One of the 3 great demon lords
Mythical Magus who helped Gul'dan bring the horde into Azeroth

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