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Why were the 1980 English Champions Aston Villa so special?
Which game did TSN do a special on that is in the Toronto Raptors inaugural 1995-96 season?
In which minute did Sergio Ramos score the header that tied the 2014 Champions League final at 1-1?
How many Stanley Cups have the Montreal Canadiens won since 1967?
Who is the highest scorer in NBA history?
Which teams have Jose Mourinho won a Champions League with?
Who has played the most games in Boston Celtics history?
What is Tiger Woods's record in PGA tours after leading outright after 54 holes?
What was one of the famous events of June 17 1994?
What was so special about the man who kicked the longest field goal in NFL history?
Which team won back to back World Series and then missed the playoffs for the past 20+ seasons?
What is the longest winning streak in NFL history?

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