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Your going down, I'm gonna bust your head wide openjust asking for a head shot
Shh.. mum's the word
Hey, I'm having a break herefreak
Hey, wanna be in my gang?just another easy head shot
Sweet as moonshinedesert flora
By your commandrobot
I'll roger thatfemale/future/enemey
My friends call me spoony legspuppet
I am your servant, I am your workerrobot?
(robotic monkey noises)...
I'm for hire, think you can afford me?scientist
I say, it's rather warm in hereTS2 package
Tonight you sleep with the fishescreature
Bite my crunchy brown a**run run run
Grrreat choicetastes like borderline copyright infringement
Surrender or be destroyesrobot
Ok let's rollvarious
Let's playvarious
Do you see what your cunning daughter has doneundead
Yes sirrussian
Taking objective now onlinehalf robot
Cue up in a gangster stylingundead butler
No not mehalf robot
Now you see me. un deux trois, the squad carfemale
Ok let's govarious (one only wanted a robot to call his own)
Sir yes sirthankfully not Miller, we lost Miller
Shake your money makerfemale/sidekick
(dinosaur noises)menacing dancing
I may be shaved, but it don't mean things won't get hairyfemale
Me and my pussy (cat) are going to have a lot of funenemy
Hey. you got it. let's playundead
Does my butt look big in this?female/enemy
You wanna see crazy? I'll show you crazyenemy
Six arms are better than twoshiva-ish
Someones pinched me winklesmullosk
Hmm it's just not my color at allawkward
Burn Baby Burn!undead
(dead monkey noises)...
I'm the Glovener. Pick me I'm quite handyfreak
Take a bite of this, it's a peachfemale/future
Inner harmony is achieved through application of willfemale/sidekick
Do I have red on me?undead
Got any spare brains?undead
Oh yeah I'm ready
In France, we don't stop until the fat lady mingsundead/frenchman
Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?female/french
I'm totally posable, bend me in any directionTS2 package
Howdy cowboy, I'm hot, Is that a gun in your pocket?...female
I'm the mummy nowundead
Mr. Giggles. Wanna see my pocket?...freak
I'm walking on airhis eyes and heart are likely made of coal
Roger that sir
Eat my laser. Eat itI'm sorry. Was that your face?
Right on. Let's go man. We gotta boogysidekick
(bear noises)...
Glory or death!helmeted
Heehee show me where to shoot show me where to shootscientist
Time to kick some a**yes he can
See you in the future suckerenemy
It's time to splitSpace Marine extrordinaire
(monkey noises)...
I'll slice you upenemy
Rock and Rolllll!undead
Locked, Cocked, and ready to rollfemale
(annoying duck noises)...
One bloodbath stew coming right upundead frenchman
Eliminate all humansrobot
You think you can keep up?female/sidekick
Hey You got the real deal right here babyvarious
Right you are sirmilitary
I said No Ketchup!engineer
Sircrowd control
Ok this may make your eyes water. Bend over please. You may find this a little uncomfortablefemale
With a bit of lubrication, I'm ready for anythingrobot
The moose is loosecreature/undead
Kazar, I'll crush yer barnacles, kiss me beard
Time to unleash the a**kickulator. whoop whoop whoop whoopscientist
Sticks and stones, they are my bonesfreak
Just show me where to shootvarious
(monkey noises/ sword un-sheathing)...
Hey, I thought I told you not to interupt meenemy
This ain't as easy as I thought it'd bevarious
Hope I don't have an accident in here, Oh nohazmat
Ooh time for fisticuffs..splendidsidekick
With you in a secfemale
I'm used to handling big weapons, in fact I get paid for itfemale/enemy
You have great tastefemale
(Bada** cyborg noises) (just type the word)...
You Tarzan me Jane, let me show you how we do it in the junglefemale
Got any injuries? No. Want some?female/undead
Right away sirmilitary
You got itvarious/incompetent
Come get somefemale
See you in hellcreepy
I'm Candi, fly me hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ridefemale
You want it, come get it....not much to her
I'm all steamed upTS2 package
Okresembles the Joker's assistant

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