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Forced Order
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ClueMovieNotable Actor
Soldier has bad memories at the graveyardTom Hanks
Bi-polar man meets depressed dancerBradley Cooper
Dirk Diggler packsBurt Reynolds
John Matrix is unstoppableArnold Schwarzenegger
Creepy hillbillies make Ned Beatty squealJon Voight
Two young Chicago inner-city kids hope to make the NBAWilliam Gates
Tony Montana takes about a dozen bullets from high powered weapons and doesn't fall downAl Pacino
Kelly Preston is breathtakingly hotArnold Schwarzenegger
Daniel Plainview is one unpleasant manDaniel Day Lewis
Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips wish to be initiated into Latino gang Anne Hathaway
Patrick Bateman needs to return some videotapesChristian Bale
Twisted, violent version of Little Red Riding HoodReese Witherspoon
Quarterback Willie Beamon gets a big head Jamie Foxx
Docudrama which shows that The Govenator really, really, really enjoys lifting weightsArnold Schwarzenegger
Jack Cates and a convict chase Billy Bear and a trigger-happy escaped convict named GanzEddie Murphy
Axel Foley pretends to have Herpes Simplex 10 and stops strip-club robberiesEddie Murphy
Travis Bickle thinks a porn movie makes a good dateRobert De Niro
Sofia Coppola cannot act, fans miss Robert DuvallAl Pacino
'Sexual Chocolate!'Eddie Murphy
Brad Pitt smokes lots of weed, Samuel L. Jackson eats everything, Gary Oldman is a pimp named DrexlPatricia Arquette
'Stella!!'. Women love Marlon Brando before he got fatMarlon Brando
Fat Marlon Brando has a weird mini-me type thing on his island Marlon Brando
Jules and Vincent debate on the significance of foot massagesUma Thurman
Somehow wins Best Picture over Saving Private RyanGwyneth Paltrow
Homoerotic 1980s flick about Navy pilots in the 'Danger Zone'Val Kilmer
Multi-millionaire businessman has nothing better to do than plot against a teenage Karate championPat Morita
John Connor makes a cyborg develop human feelingsEdward Furlong
ClueMovieNotable Actor
Justin Timberlake has dry-sex with Cameron DiazCameron Diaz
Arnold teaches 5 year oldsPenelope Ann Miller
'Show Me the Money!!!!:Tom Cruise
Rocky ends the cold warSylvester Stallone
Joe Pesci says the 'f' word about 5,000 times, beats old men with phonesRobert DeNiro
Nicholas Cage bike-jacks women, wears a bear suit, and does not like beesNicholas Cage
Ice Cube plays Doughboy and wants to know if 'we got a problem here'Laurence Fishburne
Doughboy goes to college and brawls with skinheads Omar Epps
Doughboy goes to South AfricaElizabeth Hurley
Doughboy smokes weedChris Tucker
Doughboy cuts hairAnthony Anderson
Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves, Ferngully, space with cool special effectsSam Worthington
Eddie Murphy pretends to be Richard Simmons and sweats like a ponyJada Pinkett
Glenn Close scares men across the world Michael Douglas
Terry Crews does an unforgettable rendition of 'A Thousand Miles'Shawn Wayans
Demi Moore becomes a million-dollar prostituteWoody Harrelson
Rocky goes Hollywood, Clubber Lang is hungry for the titleMr. T
Michael Cimino watches his career go down the drain and nearly bankrupts a studioJohn Hurt
Bill Paxton thinks it's 'game over, man, game over'Sigourney Weaver
Jim Carrey beats himself upJennifer Tilly
'Hood' film parody, Bernie Mac does not like that 'black ass Wesley Snipes'Marlon Wayans
John Malkovich wants to kill the president, but does not like duck-killersClint Eastwood
Clark Griswold just wants to go to Wally WorldChevy Chase
Alex Murphy gets shot about 563 times, becomes OCP's product. The sociopath in this becomes the dad on That 70s ShowPeter Weller
Vince Vaughn is 'money', and so apparently, is Jon Favreau.Heather Graham
Nino Brown does not like 'pretty motherf---ers'Wesley Snipes

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