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Movie Description2nd Movie Description
1972 Mafia classic with Marlon Brando and Al PacinoSpencer Tracy (1950 original) and Steve Martin's (1991 remake) daughters get married
Ben Affleck directed film about a kidnapped girlFrankly, Clark Gable does not give a damn
Adaptation of Stephen King's book 'The Body' about 4 kids looking for a kid's corpseJim Carrey has multiple personalities
Edward James Olmos plays Jaime Escalante, a teacher at Garfield High School in East Los AngelesNed Beatty squeals like a pig
Clint Eastwood faces a serial killer in the first of the 'Harry Callahan' series of filmsJohn Lithgow and his family encounter Bigfoot
Rowan Atkinson stars as the title character in a parody of James Bond movies1996 winner for Best Picture
Daniel Day-Lewis drinks Paul Dano's milkshake1984 film Debut from the Coen brothers
Ray 'Jesus Shuttlesworth' Allen is the basketball star of Lincoln High SchoolThe Rock plays a football player who discovers he has an 8-year old daughter
Two men hiding out dress as women, Marilyn Monroe is beautiful as usualDon Johnson stars in this film noir, also with Virginia Madsen and the super-hot Jennifer Connelly
Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) and his friends encounter Lo Pan in the Chinese underworldRoman Polanski directed 1974 neo-noir mystery film starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway
American remake of Open Your Eyes, starring Tom Cruise. Infamous for leaving viewers confused.2012 James Bond box-office smash featuring Javier Bardem as the main villain
Oscar winner for Best Picture in 2007, directed by the Coens1990 film starring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez who work as garbagemen who like to golf-clap
Sequel to Friday, this time with no Chris TuckerJason Voorhees's mother kills teens at Crystal Lake
The two Coreys go for a ride with Heather Graham in the trunk2011 Nicholas Cage film in which he escapes from Hell
1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film which is loosely based on the novel by Stephen King (Richard Bachman)Documentary about Philippe Petit's high-wire walk between the Twin Towers
1999 Martin Scorsese directed film featuring Nicholas Cage as a paramedicFifth entry in the Dirty Harry series
Joseph Gordon-Levitt falls for Zooey Deschanel Mark Harmon teaches remedial English to high schoolers, two of which love The Texas Chainshaw Massacre
Daniel LaRusso gets beat up by Johnny and the Kobra Kais1995 Larry Clark film about teens (and pre-teens) involved with sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol.
2002 Roc-A-Fella Films produced film about drug dealers in the late 1980s: named after a classic Eric B. & Rakim albumStanley Kubrick's Vietnam saga. 'Gomer Pyle' is beaten during a 'blanket party'
Steve Martin and Queen Latifah star in this 2003 Adam Shankman filmKid N Play star in this 1990 teen flick. Also co-stars Martin Lawrence.
Episode 5 of Star Wars: Luke discovers the truth about his fatherThe Flux Capacitor makes time travel possible. The Delorean must reach 88 MPH
Robert De Niro plays Jake LaMotta.A veteran minor-league catcher takes a young, talented pitcher under his wing
Ben Gates looks for clues on the back of the Declaration of Independence to find valuablesJim Hawkins in the narrator and protagonist in these adaptations of a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Movie Description2nd Movie Description
Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Big experience love and heartbreak in the Big Apple.Fernando Meirelles directed this award-winning film about life in a violent Rio slum
2006 Edward Zwick directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio set during the Sierra Leone civil warSean Connery's last performance as James Bond, excluding the 'unofficial' Bond flick Never Say Never Again
Docudrama about bodybuilders competing for Mr. Olympia. Arnold Schwarzenegger smokes a joint.Tony Stark's alter ego. Currently being played by Robert Downey Jr
Gordon Gekko believes 'greed, for a better word, is good'Marlon Brando plays Stanley Kowalski in an adaptation of a Tennessee Williams play
Steven Seagal's film debut, with Henry Silva as the main villainTom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf star in film about bootlegging during the era of the Great Depression
Eddie Murphy plays a prince and other roles such as a boxing-discussing barber, old Jewish man, and the singer Randy WatsonEdward James Olmos directed film about La Eme, the Mexican Mafia
Regina George and Cody Herron fight over Aaron Samuels and 'Queen Bee' statusSarah Jessica Parker looks to enter a dance competition. Also a Cyndi Lauper song.
Star Wars Episode 1'Growing up in the hood' film by the Hughes Brothers.
Spike Lee 1992 Biopic starring Denzel WashingtonMilder and Scully fight a government conspiracy regarding aliens
'Party on Garth'.....'Party time, excellent'...'That's what she said'Denise Richards plays a nuclear physicist, is considered one of the worst Bond girls ever by EW
Hillary Swank becomes a boxer until the tutelage of Clint EastwoodDiane Keaton inherits and adopts a baby
John Singleton directed film starring TyreseJohn Singleton directed movie starring Laurence Fishburne and Cuba Gooding Jr.
John McClane battles terrorists in a skyscraper around Christmas timeHayley Stark (Ellen Page) turns the table on a hebephile
Al Pacino stars as a convict trying to go straight, Sean Penn plays his sleazy cocaine-snorting lawyerBruce Lee takes on Chuck Norris. AKA 'Return of the Dragon'
Richard Gere falls for a hookerGene Wilder falls for Kelly LeBrock
Ice-T stars in this rendition of the short story 'The Most Dangerous Game'Posthumously released Bruce Lee film with Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Cuban refugee introduces his 'little friend' to rival hitmenJohn Travolta and Nicholas Cage trade faces
Bill Murray lives the same day again and again and againAuto-racing film which was the first movie that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman appeared in together.
Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the Alice Walker novel, which was the film debut of Whoopi GoldbergPrince starred and recorded memorable songs for this 1984 film
Barry Levinson directed film about a spin-doctor and Hollywood producer who create a fictitious war for the publicAl Pacino tries to rob a bank. 'Attica! Attica!
Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd switch socioeconomic statuses over a bet of one dollar.1984 film about a Texas widow during the Great Depression. Sally Field is later surprised that people like her.
Sean Penn and Esai Morales are mortal enemies while incarcerated as minors. A 1995 film with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence had the same title.Hillary Swank won Oscar for portraying Brandon Teena

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