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Forced Order
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William Gates, Arthur Agee, Emma GatesBasketball Documentary
Lloyd Christmas, Mary Swanson, Harry Dunne
Joseph Pistone, Lefty Ruggiero, Sonny Black
Derek Vinyard, Seth Ryan, Cameron Alexander
Wayne 'Mad Dog' Dobie, Frank Milo, Glory
David Mills, William Somerset, John Doe
Holden McNeil, Banky Edwards, Alyssa Jones
Dante Hicks, Caitlin Bree, Silent Bob
John Hatcher, Screwface, MonkeySteven Seagal can't act
Jack Horner, Brock Landers, Rollergirl
Sam Winters, Joe Kane, Darnell JeffersonCollege Football
Pete Bell, Butch McRae, Ricky RoeShaquille O'Neal
Lester Durnham, Ricky Fitts, Angela HayesOscar Winner
John Doe Jersey, Bethany, SerendipitySatire on Catholicism
Abraham Lincoln Haines, Tommy Riley, Black DeathSame Name of an Oscar Winning Movie in the 2000s
Butch Coolidge, Marsellus Wallace, Marvin
Max Klein, Carla Rodrigo, Laura KleinCrash Survivor Suffers from PTSD
Steven M. Kovacs, Robin Harris, Sam SweetBen Stiller's Satire on Television
Fletcher Reede, Max Reede, Samantha ColeTell the Truth
Rocky Balboa, Tommy 'The Machine' Gunn, George Washington Duke
John McClane, Al Powell, Colonel Stuart
Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Norman MailerBoxing Documentary
Darren 'Doughboy' Baker, Tre Styles, Ferris

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