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V - To intimidate or dismay
N - Smallness of quantity or number; scarcity; lack
V - To question or oppose
V - Speak damagingly, derogatory, sully, defame, disparage
N - An outcome or solution; the unraveling of a plot
V - To plunder, pillage, ravage or destroy; to exploit in a predatory manner
Adj - Unoriginal, obtained from another source
V. To discriminate or discern
V - To dry out or dehydrate; to make dry or dull
N - The state of being no longer used or practiced
Adj - Random; thoughtless; marked by a lack of plan or purpose
N - Slandering, verbal attack, aspersion
Adj - transparent, gauzy
N - a harsh denunciation
Adj - intended to teach or instruct
N - a tool used for shaping
Adj - reserved, shy, unassuming; lacking in self-confidence
Adj - Causing delay, procrastinating
N - One with amateurish interest in a branch of knowledge
N. A song of grief or lamentation
V - To undeceive; to set right
V - Confuse and deject, disconcert, thwart, foil, defeat
Adj - Conflicting, dissonant, or harsh sound
Adj - Free from self-interest; unbiased
V - Deprecate, belittle, bring reproach or discredit, lower estimation of
Adj - Fundamentally distinct or dissimilar
V - To disguise or conceal; to mislead
V - distracted; absent-minded, especially due to anxiety
N - Trivial, poorly constructed verse
Adj - arrogantly assertive of principles, that often can't be proved
N - slag, waste or foreign matter, impurity, surface scum
N - generator; forceful, energetic person
Adj - Enlightening, informative
N -Shameless or impudent boldness, barefaced audacity; presumptuous
Adj - Gushing; excessively demonstrative
N - exit
N - mournful poem/writing/music, especially one lamenting the dead
Adj - Soothing, especially to the skin; making less harsh; mollifying
Adj - Based on observation or experiment
N - Glowing and enthusiastic praise; panegyric, tribute, eulogy
Adj - characteristic of particular locality, region, or people; indigenous
V - to weaken; to reduce in vitality
V - to cause, produce, give rise to
V - To prescribe with authority or emphasis, to direct to do something, to prohibit
N - dissatisfaction and relentlessness resulting from boredom or apathy
N - Excessive wickedness; evilness
Adj - Brief, fleeting, short-lived
N -One devoted to sensual pleasure (food and drink); gourmand, sybarite
Adj - Loosely connected, not flowing logically, occurring at intervals
N - Disparaging word or phrase
N - Composure, self-possession
V - To use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent, prevaricate
Adj - Traveling, iterant, peripatetic
Adj - Very learned; scholarly
V - To shun or avoid

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