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Can you name the GRE words that start with B/C?

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Adj - Sinister, pernicious, ominous
Adj - Cause of injury
V - To bless, make happy, or ascribe a virtue to; to regard as saintly
V - To adorn, especially in a cheap, showy manner; festoon, caparison
V - To give a false impression of, to misrepresent
Adj - Belligerent, pugnacious, warlike
N - leaning, inclining, proclivity, tendency
V - to coax with flattery, toady or fawn
Adj - Carefree, merry
Adj - loud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
V - to provide support or reinforcement
Adj - Pompous; grandiloquent
N - A rude or insensitive person; loud; yokel
V - Bring up, announce, begin to talk about
V - To tolerate, endure, countenance
Adj - Rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants
V - To grow rapidly or flourish
V - to polish, to rub to a shine
Adj - Labyrinthine, complex
N - Harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance
V - to sponge, beg, or mooch
V - to inveigle, coax, wheedle, sweet-talk
V - To slander, make a false accusation
N - An established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature
Adj - Inclined to change one's mind impulsively; erratic; unpredictable
Adj. Disposed to point out trivial faults, calculated to confuse or entrap in argument
Adj - of basic importance or consequence, primary
N - An insertion mark (^) used by editors and proofreaders
N - severe criticism or punishment
Adj - Burning or stinging; causing corrosion
V. To raise trivial frivolous objection
N. Speed, alacrity, think accelerate
V - To criticize severely; to officially rebuke.
N - A judgement involving condemnation; the act of blaming or condemning
Adj - Cautious or careful, wary, shy, timid, fastidious, choosy, sparing
V - To chastise or correct; subdue
N - One blindly devoted to a group of which one is a member
N - Trickery or subterfuge
N - An illusion; originally, an imaginary fire-breathing she-monster
Adj - Boorish, vulgar, loutish; difficult or intractiable
V - To come together; to fuse or unite
N - concluding sections to a musical or literary piece
Adj - appealing forcible to the mind or reason, convincing
V - to change as if by dyeing, influence, distort
Adj - matching, corresponding, or proportionate in degree, size, amount
N - Obliging, inclined to please, agreeable, gracious, compliant
N - An informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expert
V - To treat or regard with disdain or scorn
Adj - argumentative; quarrelsome; causing controversy or disagreement
Adj. Insubordinate, rebellious, scorn, aspersion
N - a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude
Adj - complex or complicated
Adj - capable of being set right, correctable, reparable
V - to approve of or tolerate
N - mien, face, composure
V - To decieve, beguile, hoodwink
Adj - contemptibly fainthearted, pusillanimous, lacking courage
Adj - Tending to believe too readily; gullible
N - An attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness

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