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Adj - Deviating from the norm
V - To renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to avoid
V - To abolish or annul by authority; put down
N - Act of cutting off or removing
V - To depart clandestinely;to steal off and hide
Adj - Hard to understand, recondite, esoteric, secret, arcane
N - Growth; increase by siccessive addition; building up
Adj - Having a sour or bitter taste or character
N - quick, keen, or accurate knowledge or insight
V - To reduce purity by combining with inferior ingredients
V - To foreshadow vaguely, intimate, suggest, or outline sketchily
Adj - Dealing with, apprecative, or responsive to the arts or beauty
V - To increase in intensity, power, or prestige; to make appear greater
N - Eager and enthusiastic willingness
V - To commingle; to debase by mixing with something inferior
V - To combine several elements into a whole
V - To make better or more tolerable
Adj - Agreeable; responsive to suggestion
N - Something out of place in terms of historical or chronological context
N - A solemn or ecclesiastical curse; accursed/thoroughly loathed person or thing
N - aversion or dislike
Adj - Diametrically opposed, as in antithesis
N- Expression of truth in a short, witty saying
N- Composure under strain
Adj - of dubious authenticity or origin; spurious
N - Farthest of highest point; culmination;zenith
N. One who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
N - deification, glorification to godliness, the perfect example
Adj - Appropriate, pertinent, relevant, apropos
N - an expression of approval or praise
V - to take for one's own use, confiscate
V. Give notice to, inform
N - Complex, ornate design
Adj - Mysterious, abstruse, esoteric, knowable only to initiates
Adj - Impudent, thorough, unmitigated, notorious, barefaced, utter
Adj - Completely without guile; natural, without artificiality
N - One who practices rigid self-denial, especially as an act of religious devotion
N. Severity, rigor, roughness, harshness, acrimony, irritability
N - An act of defamation or maligning
V. To aver, allege, assert
Adj - diligent, hard-working
V - To relieve, ease, mitigate, appease, satisfy, allay, soothe, calm, mollify
Adj - Having a tightening effect on living tissue; harsh; severe
V - to rarefy, weaken or make thinner, lessen
Adj - Daring and fearless; recklessly bold
N - an omen, portent, the reading of omens
Adj - Majestic, venerable
N - Protection or support, patronage
Adj - Favorable, propitious, successful, prosperous
Adj - Without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic
N - Greed, especially for wealth
V. To state as a fact; to declare or assert
N - Universally recognized principle; a generally accepted or common saying
Adj - Taken as a given; posessing self-evident truth

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