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N - A tendency to think favorably of something in particular, partiality, preference
V - To replace, to supersede, to appropriate
V - To dress up, primp, groom oneself with elaborate care; in animals, to clean
Adj - Cursory, done without care or interest
N - Knowing of events prior to their occurring
Adj - Overstepping bounds, as of propriety or courtesy; taking liberties
V - To permeate throughout
V - To speak falsely or misleadingly, deliberately create an incorrect impression, lie
V - To pry, press or force with a lever
Adj - Adherence to highest principles, uprightness
N - A natural predisposition or inclination
Adj - Recklessly wasteful, extravagant, profuse, lavish
Adj - Abundant in size, force, or extent; extraordinary
Adj - Excessively wasteful; recklessly extravagant
Adj - Given or coming forth abundantly, extravagant
Adj - Long-winded, verbose
Adj - Nearness in time or place, affinity or nature, kinship
V - to appease, conciliate
Adj - Auspicious, favorable
Adj - Dull, unimaginative
V - to outlaw or prohibit
Adj - Frugal, looking to the future
Adj. Childish, immature, jejune, nugatory
Adj - Contentious, quarrelsome, given to fighting, belligerent
N. Power, strength
Adj - Precise, paying attention to trivialities, especially in regard to etiquette
N - An authority on a subject, one who gives opinions
Adj - cowardly, craven
V - To rot, decay and give off four odor, become gangrenous
V - To drink deeply
V - To shrink back in fear, lose courage
V - To limit
N - misgivings, reservations, causes for hesitancy
N - questions, inquiries, reservations
Adj - prone to complaining or grumbling, quarrelsome
N - Stillness, motionlessness, quality of being at rest
Adj - foolishly impractical, marked by lofty romantic ideals
Adj - Occurring or recurring daily, commonplace
V - to complain about bitterly
V - To be divided or subdivided, branch out
Adj - Characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment
Adj - Voracious, greedy, plundering, subsisting on prey
V - To make or become thin, less dense, refine
N - Riddle, a representation of words by pictures or symbols that sound like words
Adj - Obstinately defiant of authority or guidance, difficult
Adj -Dealing with abstruse subject matter, beyond ordinary knowledge, esoteric
V - To engage in reconnaissance, make a preliminary inspection of
Adj - leaning, resting, prone
Adj - Fragrant, suggestive or evocative
Adj - Awe-inspiring; worthy or honor
Adj - Radiant; shiny; brilliant
V - to delight or entertain, feast
V - To forcible assign, especially to a lower place or position
V - To protest, object
V - to feel or express dejection or discontent, long for, fret, complain
N - The art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion
N - Authoritative rule, heading, title, or category

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