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N - A song or expression of praise and thanksgiving
V - To make something appear less serious, gloss over mitigate
N - Formal expression of praise
N -framework of assumptions/understandings shared by group that shapes worldview
N - An outcast, a rejected and despised person
N -Humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, especially in literature/art
V - To block, evade or ward off, as a blow
Adj - Cheap, miserly
Adj - Scarcity, a lacking of
N - A slight offense, literally a minor sin
N - The art or profession of training, teaching, or instruct
Adj - Ostentatious in one's learning, excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules
Adj - Commonplace, trite, unremarkable
Adj. Transparent, easy to understand, limpid
N - Strong inclination, a liking
Adj - Penny pinching; excessively thrifty, ungenerous
N. Poverty; destitution
Adj - Admitting of no contradiction, put end to further debate, haughty, imperious
Adj - Recurrent through the year or many years, happening repeatedly
N - Intentional breach of faith, treachery
Adj. Cursory; done without care or interest
Adj - Iterant, traveling, nomadic
Adj - Extremely harmful, potentially causing death
N. the concluding part of a speech
Adj -Of pleasing personal appearance, handsome, comely, affable, amiable, sociable
Adj - Acutely perceptive, having keen discernment
V - To examine with great care
Adj - Like a rock, hard, stony
Adj - Impatient, irritable
N - A crass individual guided by material rather than intellectual or artistic values
Adj - Calm, sluggish, unemotional, stoic
Adj - Involving clever rogues or adventurers
Adj - Multi-colored, usually in blotches
V - To punish, hold up to public scorn
V - To yearn intensely, to languish, to lose vigor
Adj - Extremely reverent or devout
Adj - Agreeably pungent, spicy, stimulating
N - Resentment, feeling of irritation due to hurt pride.
V - To annoy or irritate; to provoke or arouse
N - The essential or central part
Adj. Precise and brief
V - To appease, to calm by making concessions
Adj - Pounding, thundering, resounding
Adj - Mournful, melancholy, sorrowful
Adj - Moldable, pliable, not rigid
N - A superficial or trite remark, especially one offered as meaningful
N - Courage, spunk, fortitude
V - To measure the depth (as with a plumb line), to examine critically
Adj - Distressing, pertinent, touching, stimulating, emotional
Adj - Controversial, argumentative
Adj - Practical rather than idealistic
V - Chatter, babble
V - To babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty and idle manner
Adj - Uncertain, risky, dangerous
N - Rule establishing standards of conduct, a doctrine that is taught
Adj - Acting with excessive haste or impulse
N - Something that precedes and indicates or announces another

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