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Can you name the GRE words starting with J/K/L/M/N/O?

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Adj - Given to joking; humorous
Adj - Vapid, uninteresting; childish, immature; lacking nutrition
V - To agree, to be in accord
Adj - Having to do with motion; lively; active
Adj - Readily open to change, unstable
Adj - Causing tears, tearful, showing sorrow
Adj - Using few words, terse
N - Listless, languor, weariness
V - To draw, outline in detail
Adj - Transparent, serene, clear, and simple in style, untroubled
Adj - intelligible, sound, clear
N - The quality of being generously noble in mind and heart, especially forgiving
Adj - Having or showing often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred
V - To feign illness so as to avoid work
Adj - Associated with war and the armed forces
V - To talk or move aimlessly, mutter
Adj. Fitting, proper
Adj - Sweetly flowing, usually used to describe words or sounds
N - The condition of being untruthful, dishonesty
N - A beggar, supplicant
Adj. Cheap, gaudy, tawdry, flashy, showy, attracting by false show
Adj - Courageous, high-spirited
V - To have weight or bearing on, to argue (against)
Adj - Menacing, threatening
V - Pronounce or speak affectedly or carefully, euphemize, take tiny steps, tiptoe
V - to make or become less severe or intense, moderate
V - To calm or soothe, reduce in emotional intensity
Adj - Varied, motley, greatly diversified
Adj - Of the world, typical of or concerned with the ordinary
N - Low point, perigee
Adj - Coming into being; in early developmental stages. early
Adj - Trimly neat and tidy, dapper
Adj - Vague, cloudy, lacking clearly defined form
N - A new word, expression, or usage; the creation or sue of new words or senses
N - A recent convert; a beginner; novice
N - A connection, tie, or link; center or focus
Adj. Exacting, fastidious, extremely precise
Adj - Offensive, especially to one's sense of smell, fetid
Adj - Baffled, in a quandary, at a loss for what to say or do
N - Cure-all, placebo, questionable remedy
Adj - Harmful, injurious
Adj - Unyielding, hardheaded, inflexible
V - To deliberately obscure, to make confusing
Adj - Exhibiting a fawning attentiveness; subservient
Adj - Seeming; appearing as such, professed
Adj - Noisy, loudly stubborn, boisterous
Adj - Lacking sharpness or intellect, not clear or precise in thought or expression
V - To be established, accepted, or customary, prevail
V - To anticipate and make unnecessary
V - To obstruct or block
Adj - Hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension. V - To hide
Adj. Evoking intense aversion or dislike
Adj - Meddlesome, pushy in offering one's services where they are unwanted
Adj - Troubling, burdensome
N - Disgrace, contempt, scorn
Adj - Changed into bone; made rigidly conventional and unreceptive to change
Adj - Outwardly appearing as such, professed, pretended, apparent, conspicuous
Adj - Characterized by or given to pretentiousness
Adj - Presumptuously, arrogant, overbearing, immoderate

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