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Can you name the Sing-Off Songs from Season 3?

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1: Signature SongsUrban Method
1: Signature SongsAfro Blue
1: Signature SongsVocal Point
1: Signature SongsDelilah
1: Signature SongsYellow Jackets
1: Signature SongsKinfolk 9
1: Signature SongsFannin Family
1: Signature SongsCat's Pajamas
1: Signature SongsFannin Family (Swan Song)
1: Signature SongsCat's Pajamas (Swan Song)
2: Signature SongsPentatonix
2: Signature SongsDartmouth Aires
2: Signature SongsThe Collective
2: Signature SongsThe Deltones
2: Signature SongsNorth Shore
2: Signature SongsSonos
2: Signature SongsMessiah's Men
2: Signature SongsSoul'd Out
2: Signature SongsMessiah's Men (Swan Song)
2: Signature SongsSoul'd Out (Swan Song)
3: Current HitsUrban Method
3: Current HitsAfro Blue
3: Current HitsVocal Point
3: Current HitsDelilah
3: Current HitsYellow Jackets
3: Current HitsKinfolk 9
3: 60's SongsUrban Method
3: 60's SongsAfro Blue
3: 60's SongsVocal Point
3: 60's SongsDelilah
3: 60's SongsYellow Jackets
3: 60's SongsKinfolk 9
4: 60's SongsKinfolk 9 (Swan Song)
4: Current HitsPentatonix
4: Current HitsDartmouth Aires
4: Current HitsThe Collective
4: Current HitsThe Deltones
4: Current HitsNorth Shore
4: Current HitsSonos
4: 60's SongsPentatonix
4: 60's SongsDartmouth Aires
4: 60's SongsThe Collective
4: 60's SongsThe Deltones
4: 60's SongsNorth Shore
4: 60's SongsSonos
4: 60's SongsSonos (Swan Song)
5: Guilty PleasuresPentatonix
5: Guilty PleasuresDartmouth Aires
5: Guilty PleasuresUrban Method
5: Guilty PleasuresAfro Blue
5: Guilty PleasuresVocal Point
5: Guilty PleasuresDelilah
5: Guilty PleasuresYellow Jackets
5: Guilty PleasuresThe Collective
5: Guilty PleasuresThe Deltones
5: Guilty PleasuresNorth Shore
5: Guilty PleasuresThe Deltones (Swan Song)
5: Guilty PleasuresNorth Shore (Swan Song)
6: Hip HopPentatonix
6: Hip HopDartmouth Aires
6: Hip HopUrban Method
6: Hip HopAfro Blue
6: Hip HopVocal Point
6: Hip HopDelilah
6: Hip HopYellow Jackets
6: Hip HopThe Collective
6: Hip HopYellow Jackets/The Collective (Sing-Off Battle Song)
6: Hip HopThe Collective (Swan Song)
7: Superstar MedleyPentatonix
7: Superstar MedleyDartmouth Aires
7: Superstar MedleyUrban Method
7: Superstar MedleyAfro Blue
7: Superstar MedleyVocal Point
7: Superstar MedleyDelilah
7: Superstar MedleyYellow Jackets
7: Superstar MedleyYellow Jackets (Swan Song)
7: Classic RockPentatonix
7: Classic RockDartmouth Aires
7: Classic RockUrban Method
7: Classic RockAfro Blue
7: Classic RockVocal Point
7: Classic RockDelilah
7: CountryPentatonix
7: CountryDartmouth Aires
7: CountryUrban Method
7: CountryAfro Blue
7: CountryVocal Point
7: CountryDelilah
7: Classic Rock/CountryDelilah (Swan Song)
8: Modern R&BPentatonix
8: Modern R&BDartmouth Aires
8: Modern R&BUrban Method
8: Modern R&BAfro Blue
8: Modern R&BVocal Point
8: Classic R&BPentatonix
8: Classic R&BDartmouth Aires
8: Classic R&BUrban Method
8: Classic R&BAfro Blue
8: Classic R&BVocal Point
8: R&BVocal Point (Swan Song)
9: Mastermix MedleysPentatonix
9: Mastermix MedleysDartmouth Aires
9: Mastermix MedleysUrban Method
9: Mastermix MedleysAfro Blue
9: Judge's ChoicesPentatonix
9: Judge's ChoicesDartmouth Aires
9: Judge's ChoicesUrban Method
9: Judge's ChoicesAfro Blue
9: Mastermix Medleys/Judge's ChoicesAfro Blue (Swan Song)
10: Finale (Charity Performance)Pentatonix
10: Finale (Charity Performance)Dartmouth Aires feat. Amy Whitcomb
10: Finale (Charity Performance)Urban Method
10: Finale (Judge's Performance)Pentatonix
10: Finale (Judge's Performance)Dartmouth Aires
10: Finale (Judge's Performance)Urban Method
10: FinaleThe Sing-Off Men
10: FinaleThe Sing-Off Women
10: FinaleUrban Method (Swan Song)
10: FinaleDartmouth Aires (Swan Song)
10: FinalePentatonix (Victory Song)

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