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DescriptionCharacter's Name
He works as a cook at The Brick in the early part of the show.
This former Wall Street executive is Ruth Ann’s love interest.
Holling needed 133 stitches after he was attacked by this character.
Hypochondriac wife of the barefoot chef.
This Alaskan State Trooper is Maurice’s love interest.
He works as a cook at The Brick in the later part of the show.
This character dies after being hit by a satellite.
Ed’s uncle, also a healer, who uses trickery to avoid a consultation with Joel.
Replaces Joel when he goes upriver.
The native spirit who helps Ed look for his parents.
The lawyer who lives in a bubble because of allergies.
DescriptionCharacter's Name
Joel’s fiancée in New York.
The carnival worker who falls in love with Marilyn.
The journalist who comes to town late in the show.
Maurice’s son.
The town’s founders.
Steals Maurice’s prized violin and is institutionalized.
The two men who open a bed and breakfast in town.
The town barber who’s running from the Mafia.
Shaman who trains Ed.
Wealthy Native Alaskan; Maurice’s business rival.
Ed’s first love interest.

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