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Can you name the members of the NLSS with the given hints?

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This is the full name of Northernlion (spelling counts)
This is what Josh calls Ryan
This man has been known to scream very loudly during stream. Allegedly does not know how to drive a car; lives in New York.
Rarely appears on NLSS, Despite constant positive community feedback. Occasionally appears on Tuesday streams. Is better at Isaac dailys than NL.
Is almost always on the NLSS. Has terrible sense of good games
G O N Z O L O. The Blep master. Won Big Brother. Probably the most famous member of the NLSS.
Drinks copious amounts of Portuguese made SuperBach. Went to school with the Egg.
Does not know how to properly put together a shelf. Appeared in a Isaac racing sub-series with NL.
The alleged Furry of the group. Orders takeout constantly, due to carrying the team in PUBG.
Perhaps the most MLG of the group. Runs the 'RoundTable Podcast.' Puts sandwiches in his armpits out of his own free will.
Has a metal band. Appeared on the world famous NL series 'Geoguessr.' Which was tragically ended before its time. Appears periodically on the NLSS.
One of NL's longtime friends. Appears regularly on the Monday shows. In the top tier of Zany individuals of the NLSS.
Wife of the Egg. Pretty self-explanatory. Has to put up with the Egg's constant social slights against strangers.
Appears regularly once a week on the NLSS. Streams Isaac and other games. Really likes lazertag.

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