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QUIZ: Can you name the Minish Cap Figurines?

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A young green-clothed boy who lives in Hyrule.
This duo have to save Hyrule from an evil sorcerer.
The princess of Hyrule.
A bird?
The bad guy.
King of Hyrule.
Charge of the princess.
A grandfather smith.
The mayor of Hyrule Castle Town.
Second command at Hyrule Post Office.
Hard worker at Hyrule Post Office.
A shoemaker suffers with narcolepsy.
Dr. Wright's twin.
A figurine sculptor.
Owner of a ocarina of time game.
You can buy the Boomerang from him.
Sleeping and meet enemies.
Rent houses to oracles.
Cucco lady.
I hate fruits!
I hate vegetables!.
Not member of the Beatles.
Running and running.
Hermit living on Mt. Crenel.
A monster lady duh?
Gravekeeper of Royal Valley.
A deceased royal spirit.
Potion maker.
She gives you a larger wallet.
She gives you a larger bomb bag.
She gives you a bigger quiver.
A poet who's home is taken.
Same name as the Goddess of Wisdom have.
Same name as the Goddess of Courage have.
Same name as the Goddess of Power have.
Happy insects.
Boo's sister.
Village priest.
Village elder.
They are smaller than thumbs and lives in forest.
Owns a giant bird feather.
Likes humans too much.
Mine chief
Mine diggers
Rock eater.
A bad mini guy
Castle servants
You can borrow books here duh.
8 swordsmen.
This two owns a bakery.
The only school in Hyrule Castle Town.
A social place.
The only inn in Hyrule.
A drippy nose guy with buddies.
Mutoh is their leader.
Romeo and Juliet
The first happy scene.
The second happy scene.
The third happy scene.
Zelda chickens.
Malon and Talon lives here.
They lives on Clouds.
Almost killed by a ghost.
Tingle Tingle Kolo limpah.
Veggie farmers.
Sells Kinstone pieces.
Ghost siblings.
Snail enemies.
Throwing pincers at you.
A Piranha Plant-like worm enemy.
Spiny's cousin.
Don't stare at me!
Shoots on you and then sells something.
Inside the enemy.
Annoying bats.
Hey stop the thief!
The 'Boos' of the Zelda universe
I hate those mummies.
One eyed enemies who can roll into a ball.
Fireballs that goes in a pattern.
These ironclad enemies are annoying and hard.
Annoying enemies like the other one.
They chase you.
Rock covered enemies.
worms that moves quickly.
False doors.
Hovers around Hyrule.
Metal masked enemies.
Send you back to the entrance.
A blue hand.
Stacked moles.
Exploding Mario enemies.
Dangerous mines.
Shield thief.
Rupee thief.
Indiana Jones's fear
Beware of theese big rocks.
Soldier with a annoying weapon.
Buzzy Beetle's cousin
Goblin with spears.
Goblin with a bow.
Fish in the sky?
Red and blue ones.
Flying rock-throwing insects.
Mushroom enemies.
Zelda variants of Magikoopas.
Fiery wizards.
Chilly wizards.
Can't use the sword.
Nasty rock-shooters.
Nasty golden rock-shooters
Golden spiders.
Golden snakes
Thief birds.
Flying Mario enemies.
Recurring skeleton enemies.
Annoying bugs.
Funny-looking blob enemies.
Jumping and annoying.
Trap with sharp blades.
Spinning plants.
Angry Wiggler-esque enemies.
Blobs with spikes.
The boss of Temple of Droplets
Manta bosses of Palace of Winds.
A big Goron.
The boss of Deepwood Shrine.
The boss of Cave of Flames.
The boss of Fortress of Winds.
Mini-boss of Temple of Droplets.
The princess and the boy.
Ezlo's original form.
Mini-boss of Dark Hyrule Castle
Vaati's first form.
Vaati's second form.
Vaati's third form.

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