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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about American history?

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General of the fist U.S. Continental Army and First President
Location where the Continental Army spent a deathly winter
Battle fought in Virginia, ending the American Revoulution
First ''constitution' of the U.S.
Famous court case that granted the Supreme Court the power of Judicial Review
America's second war with England
Hero of the war of 1812 who later became President
Infamous walk that thousands of Native Americans were forced to walk in order to get to reservations
Fronteirsman from Tennessee who was said to have 'killed a bear when he was only three'
Battle in Texas, fought in a mission.
Commander of Texan forces during the Texas Revolution
Famous battle in the Mexican-American war
Leader of the Rough Riders
Famous canal built for military purposes
Theodore Roosevelt's famous saying
President during the start of the Great Depression
President following the last answer and during the start of World War 2
A date that will live in infamy
Battle that was the turning point in Pacific front
Battle that was the turning point on the Eastern front
Name of the cities that were hit with the Nukes
Name of the Ship that the Japanese formally surrendered on
Name of the 'war' that was fought over communism
Conflicts that were fought in Asia
JFK's famous quote
City where JFK was assassinated
Scandal that made Nixon resign as President
War fought in Iraq during Bush Senior's Administration
Terrorist attack on U.S. soil during Bush Junior's Administration
Modern Day war that is being fought today in the middle east
America's present President who has no idea about health care

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