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Can you name the Pokemon Gym Leaders?

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Pokemon TypeGym LeaderCity
RockPewter City
WaterCerulean City
ElectricVermilion City
GrassCeladon City
PoisonFuschia City
PsychicSaffron City
FireCinnabar Island
GroundViridian City
FlyingViolet City
BugAzalea Town
NormalGoldenrod City
GhostEcruteak City
FightingCianwood City
SteelOlivine City
IceMahogany Town
DragonBlackthorn City
RockRustboro City
FightingDewford Town
ElectricMauville City
FireLavaridge Town
Pokemon TypeGym LeaderCity
NormalPetalburg City
FlyingFortree City
PsychicMossdeep City
WaterSootopolis City
RockOreburgh City
GrassEterna City
FightingVeilstone City
WaterPastoria City
GhostHearthome City
SteelCanalave City
IceSnowpoint City
ElectricSunyshore City
Grass/Fire/WaterStriaton City
NormalNacrene City
BugCastelia City
ElectricNimbasa City
GroundDriftveil City
FlyingMistralton City
IceIcirrus City
DragonOpelucid City

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