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Who does Neville end up marrying after the series ends?
Which animagi is a beetle?
Who owns the ice cream shop in diagon alley?
Who took fleur to the Yule Ball?
What is the counter spell to Lumos?
Who takes hagrid's place as teacher of magical creatures when hagrid is gone?
Who Did Tom riddle kill to acquire Hufflepuff's cup?
What is the name of Barty Crouch's house elf?
What Bertie Bott's bean flavor does Dumbledore eat in the first book/movie?
What does the Golden Snitch say when Harry Kisses it?
What business do Neville and his wife own/work at after the end of the series?
What is the FULL name of Harry's middle son?
What did Sirius buy for Harry when he was a baby?
Who is R.A.B. ?(full name)
Who does Severus Snape always love?
Who created the the devil's snare trap that hermione, ron and harry pass through when they are trying to find the sorcerer's stone?
What does Mr.Weasley send to the Dursleys through the mail in the 4th movie?
Where was Harry born?(the name of the town)
Who wrote 'quidditch through the ages?'
What creature lives in the forbidden forest and has many children?

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