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Can you answer these questions about the books by Ally Carter?

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Main Character
First Love Interest
Love's Dad's Job
Her Best Friend
Macey's Love
Terrist Group After Her
Founder of the Gallagher Academy
Cammie's Current Love
Coveops Teacher
School Headmaster
Zach's Mom
Zach's Dad
Last Book Title
Who ends up getting married?
Liz's Codename
Rebecca's Codename
Macey's Codename
Blackthorne's Traitor
Blackthorne Teaches...
Zach Gave Cammie What in the Elevator?
Finish: Once is a stranger, Twice is a...
Finish: Three times is a...
Which President Did Gilly Save?
What Was She Wearing When She Did?
Cammie loves...
Liz loves...
Bex loves...
Macey loves...
Who helps Cammie in Rome?
Where is Bex from?

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