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Girl which acro is not her forte
Brooke's first song
Brooke and Paige's brother plays a sport called
In the 4th season there was two girls with the same name what name was that
Mackenzie's 1st album is called
Mackenzie's nickname
A part of brooke that hurts alot
Where is ALDC located
Abby sent brooke and somebody on a date in season 1 who is it?
Maddie's birthday
Mackenzie and Maddie's real dad
Nia's last name
Acro dance that did not win in season 3
Kendall vertes's last name
Mackenzie's birthday
Paige is known as a
Kendall's sisters
Mackenzie Ziegler's instagram name
Maddie and Mackenzie's half brothers
Maddie's favorite number

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