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Which Pokémon, prior to Generation VI, had a chance of changing sex upon evolving?
Where can the highest-leveled wild Pokémon be found?
How many different gym leaders are there in the main series games?
From which spin-off game can you obtain Mew and transfer it to a main series game without the use of events or glitches?
What is the maximum base power a move can have to still be affected by Technician?
Which Pokémon has the longest English name?
Which fully-evolved Pokémon, under normal conditions, has no weakness?
What was the first seventh-generation Legendary Pokémon to be revealed?
Which move is affected by Mega Launcher despite no Pokémon with that ability being able to learn it legally?
Which unused event item, when hacked into HeartGold & SoulSilver, can be transferred to Black & White using the Relocator?

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