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Can you name the Targaryens who would have sat on the iron throne?

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Son of Aenys I. Throne usurped by Maegor I. Died in battle against Maegor
Second son of Aenys II/Tortured to death by Maegor I.
Granddaughter of Jaehaerys I. Passed over in favour of male line.
Daughter and designated heir of Viserys I. Title usurped by half-brother Aegon II leading to Dance of Dragons
Eldest son of Daeron II. Killed by his brother Maekar I in Trial of Seven
Eldest grandson of Daeron II. Became heir after his father's death. Died in the spring sickness
Second son of Maekar I. Died after drinking Wildfire to try and turn into a dragon.
Third son of Maekar I. Chose to remain as a Maester instead of taking the crown.
Eldest son of Aegon V. Renounced claim on the throne to marry a commoner
Son of Aerys II. Died in battle against Robert Baratheon

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