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Can you name the Defendants at Nuremberg Trials?

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Nazi Party secretary 1941-45.
Leader of Kriegsmarine, U-Boat Commander, President of Germany
Reich Law Leader 1933–1945 and Governor-General of the General Government in occupied Poland 1939–1945.
Minister of the Interior 1933–1943 and Reich Protector of Bohemia-Moravia 1943–1945. Authored the Nuremberg Race Laws.
Head of the news division of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry
Minister of Economics, Head of Reichsbank
Reichsmarschall, Commander of the Luftwaffe 1935–1945, Chief of the 4-Year Plan 1936–1945
Deputy Führer until 1941
Wehrmacht Generaloberst, Chief of the OKW's Operations Division 1938–1945
Highest surviving SS leader
Head of Wehrmacht 1938-1945
Minister of Foreign Affairs 1932–1938. Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 1939–43.
Chancellor of Germany in 1932 and Vice-Chancellor under Hitler in 1933–1934. Ambassador to Austria 1934–38 and ambassador to Turkey 1939–1944
Commander In Chief of the Kriegsmarine from 1928 until his retirement in 1943
Nazi Foreign Minister 1938-1945
Racial theory ideologist. Later, Minister of the Eastern Occupied Territories 1941–1945.
Head of slave labour programme 1942-45
Pre-war president of the Reichsbank 1923–1930 & 1933–1938 and Economics Minister 1934–1937
Head of the Hitlerjugend from 1933 to 1940, Gauleiter of Vienna 1940–1943
Reich Commissioner of the occupied Netherlands 1940–1945.
Minister for Armaments 1942-1945
Gauleiter of Franconia 1922–1940. Publisher of the weekly newspaper, Der Stürmer

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