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King/Queen(s) ServedAnswerInformation
Aegon IFirst Lord Commander
Aenys ISaved King Aenys life during Faith Militant Uprising
Jaehaerys IKnown as the Lusty due to fathering 16 children. Gelded and sent to the Wall as punishment
Jaehaerys I/Viserys ILord Commander and Hand of the King under Jaehaerys
Viserys I/Rhaenyra TargaryenLord Commander of Rhaenyra's Queensguard
Viserys I/Rhaenyra TargaryenTwin, sided with Rhaenyra during the Dance of Dragons
Viserys I/Aegon IITwin, sided with Aegon during the Dance of Dragons
Viserys I/Aegon IILord Commander, known as Kingmaker for crowing Aegon II leading to the Dance of Dragons
Aegon III/Daeron I/Baelor /Viserys II/Aegon IVKnown as the Dragonknight. Lord Commander from Daeron onwards, taken prisoner in Dorne. Died defending Aegon IV from assassination attempt
Daeron IDied alongside Daeron in Dorne
Aegon IVWas executed for having an affair with Aegon's mistress. His brothers attempted to avenge his death by killing Aegon
Daeron IIBattled Daemon Blackfyre for over an hour during the Blackfyre Rebellion in 196 AC
Aegon VKnown as The Tall. Lowborn and started off as a Hedge Knight. Childhood Friend of Aegon V and rose to become Lord Commander
Jaehaerys II/Aerys IIKnown as the White Bull. Lord Commander to Jaehaerys and Aerys. Died at the Tower of Joy
Jaehaerys II/Aerys II/Robert /Joffrey /Daenerys TargaryenKnown as the Bold. Wounded at the Trident. Pardoned by Robert and appointed Lord Commander. Dismissed by Joffrey on grounds of old age. Appointed Lord Commander of Daenerys's Queensguard and Queen's Hand
Aerys IIKilled at the Battle of the Trident
Aerys IIKilled at the Tower of Joy
Aerys IIKnown as the Sword of the Morning. Killed at the Tower of Joy
King/Queen(s) ServedAnswerInformation
Aerys IIKilled at the Battle of the Trident
Aerys II/Robert/Joffrey/TommenKnown as the Kingslayer. Killed Aerys II and was pardoned by Robert. Lord Commander under Joffrey and Tommen
Robert/JoffreyKilled during the Riot of King's Landing
Robert/JoffreyKilled by Podrick Payne during the Battle of Blackwater
Robert/Joffrey/TommenAccompanies Myrcella Baratheon to Dorne, and later dies during Arianne's attempts to crown her
Robert/Joffrey/TommenRemoved after surrendering Prince Tommen to Tyrion Lannister's Men. Reinstated and forced to serve as food taster for Tommen
Robert/Joffrey/TommenKills Syrio Forel
JoffreyKnown as the Hound. First Kingsguard to not be knighted. Deserts Kingsguard during Battle of Blackwater
Joffrey/TommenArrested along with his brothers after Cersei claims to have slept with them
Joffrey/TommenSent to Dorne to bring Myrcella and Trystane Martell to King's Landing. Currently hunting Gerold Dayne
Joffrey/TommenKnown as the Knight of the Flowers. Previously served Renly Baratheon and raised to the Kingsguard after the Battle of Blackwater
TommenMysterious Knight. Possibly Gregor Clegane
Daenerys TargaryenDothraki Bloodrider
Daenerys TargaryenDothraki Bloodrider
Daenerys TargaryenDothraki Bloodrider
Daenerys TargaryenFormer Pit Fighter
Daenerys TargaryenBanished by Daenerys for acting as an informer

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