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Can you name the Known Jurisfiction agents from Jasper Fforde's series of novels?

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Resident cad of Squire of Pottermews
One half of _______ & _____ series of detective novels
Retired Japanese outlander
Drunken lout from the Merry Wives of Windsor
Short-tempered royalty from Alice through the Looking Glass
One of the antagonists of David Copperfield. Had an unfortunate incident with a mispeling vyrus
Curator of the Library, from Alice in Wonderland
Outlander, eventually exiled from bookworld for treason
Outlander, author of 'To the Lighthouse'
Great Expectation's resident speed freak
Supreme Evil Overlord of the entire universe
Samuel Beckett character,always late,decapitated
Outlander, eventual Bellman
Famous explorer
From Beatrix Potter novels, representative of all fictional hedgehogs
One half of _______ & _____ series of detective novels

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