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QUIZ: Can you name the historical figures from their Facebook posts?

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Facebook postFigure
[Figure] is attending 'Our American Cousin', John Wilkes Booth likes this
I Came, I saw, I liked
[Figure] joined the group 'I die easily, lol jk, I'm a Russian Monk'
[Figure] is in a complicated relationship with Eva Braun
23rd April 1616, I'm 52 years young today. I hope I get some nice pre...
@Arthur Wellesley, how dare you call me short? At least I don't wear stupid looking shoes....
[Figure] created the group 'Join to protest against the British salt tax'
[Figure] is married to Elin Nordegren, [Figure] is now in a relationship with Jaimee Grubbs, [Figure] is now in a relationship with Joslyn James
I have finally left Robben Island, does anyone know if the Beatles are still around?
[Figure] changed his religion to 'Quetzacoatl/Hernan Cortez'
Facebook postFigure
[Figure] added Dan Brown to his favourite authors
[Figure] added Founder of Mongol Empire and Conqueror of the World to his employment history
The Sundance Kid and [Figure] are now friends
Finally help liberate this land from the Spanish. I'm not big-headed but I hope they name a country after me
[Figure] added hunting, carrying a big stick and inspiring childrens toys to his interests
[Figure] joined the group 'I landed in Asia, lol jk it's actually the Americas'
[Figure] is in a relationship with Mark Antony
[Figure] is attending 'Munich Conference: Peace in our time!'
[Figure] likes 'I like [figure]'

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