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Forced Order
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I think so Brain but...Missing word(s)
_____ _______ with an English accent? (2 words)
If our knees bent the other way how would we ride a _______?
We're already _____
If we didn't have ears we'd look like _______
Don't ______ spit a lot?
If we had a __________ wouldn't it melt before summer?
Why would anyone want to be ______ _______? (2 words)
How are we going to find _____ our size?
Where will we find an open ______ _______ at this time of night? (2 words)
I can't memorise a whole opera in _______
Do I really need two _______?
I think so Brain but...Missing word(s)
Where do you stick the feather and call it ________?
Wouldn't his movies be more suitable for children if he was named Jean Claude van ____?
Then I would have to know what _________ means
We can't get a monkey to use ______ _____ (2 words)
Me and _____ ____________, what would the children look like? (2 words)
This time you put the _____ on the chimp
_________ are so uncomfortable in the summer time
____ ______ times anything will still give you ____ ______ (2 words repeated)
Who wants to see Snow White and the Seven ________?
A show about two talking ___ ____? It would never get on the air (2 words)

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