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Ruler of the Byzantine Empire in 527 C.E.
Byzantine code of laws
Church built by Justinian
Leading bishop
The alphabet of the Slavic languages
People from the forests north of the Black Sea
Ruler of the Russian Empire in 980 C.E.
Vladimir's son who ruled in 1019 C.E.
Novgorod's prince and military hero
Ruler of the Russian Empire for 43 years who openly challenged Mongol rule
Russian version of Caesar
Turkish group that migrated to the weakened Abbasid empire
Prime minister in a Muslim kingdom
Seljuk sultan
A religous image
The taking away of a person's right of membership in a Christian church
Who moved the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire to Constantinople?
The Byzantine Empire adopted much of what two cultures?
What religion did Vladimir make all his subjects convert to?
What religion did the Seljuks adopt?

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