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Can you name the Transformers (Autobots and Decepticons) from movies 1-3?

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Sam Whitwicki's loyal Camaro
Autobot leader
Autobot weapons specialist
Autobot medic
Decepticon leader
Decepticon second in command
Autobot torn in half in the 1st movie
Decpticon-hacker who hacks the government computer
Scorpion-like Decepticon
Powerful ancient ex-decepticon turned good
Former decepticon turned Autobot and Mikaela's 'pet'
''The Twins''
Silver Corvette Autobot with blade arms
Wheelie's partner in the 3rd movie
Four-legged cat like shapeshifter
Tentacled wormlike Decepticon that crawled through the skyscraper
Two large-wheeled Decepticon Optimus destroys
Huge Decepticon boss at the end of Transformers 2
Optimus Prime's predecessor
Old Autobot scientist who invents gadgets
Decepticon with laser canonon arm and singe robotic eye

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