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The energy absorbed or released during a change in state2 Words
Unequal surface heating that causes localized pockets of air to rise because of their buoyancy3 Words
The mass of water vapor in a unit mass of dry air2 Words
Mountains acting as barriers to the flow of air, forcing the air to ascend 2 Words
An imaginary volume of air enclosed in a thin elastic cover
formed when rain evaporates as it falls through a layer of cool air2 Words
A device consisting of two thermometers that is rapidly whirled and, with the use of tables, yields the relative humidity and dew point
Fog resulting from radiation heat loss by Earth 2 Words
Drops of water that fall from the clouds that have a diameter of at least .5mm
A dry area on the lee side of a mountain range3 Words
The ratio of air’s water vapor content to its water vapor-capacity 2 Words
A thin coating of ice on an object produced when supercooled fog droplets freeze on contact
Definition AnswerExtra Info
The maximum quantity of water vapor that air can hold at any given temperature and pressure
Frozen or semifrozen rain formed when raindrops freeze as they pass through a layer of cool air
A solid form of precipitation produced by sublimination of water vapor
Fog having the appearance of steam, produced by evaporation from a warm water surface into cool air above2 Words
One of three basic cloud forms; also, the name given one of the flow clouds. They are sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky
The conversion of a solid directly to a gas without passing through the liquid state
The condition of water droplets that remain in the liquid state at temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius
The condition of being more highly concentrated than is normally possible under given temperature and pressure conditions.
Fog created when air moves up a slope and cools adiabatically 2 Words
That part of the total atmospheric pressure attributable to water-vapor contents 2 Words
The rate of adiabatic temperature change in saturated air. 3 Words

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