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What team was Brett Favre drafted by?
a) Falcons b) Packers c) Jets d) Vikings 
Who is the New York Jets starting quarterback as of October of 2012?
a) Eli Manning b) Vinny Testaverde c) Tim Tebow d) Mark Sanchez 
What college did Andrew Luck attend?
a) Oregon b) Stanford c) Oklahoma d) Texas 
Who is Peyton Manning's father?
a) Eli Manning b) Tim Tebow c) Archie Manning d) Bob Saget 
In the 2011-2012 season, who was Aaron Rodgers favorite redzone target?
a) Greg Jennings b) Jermichael Finley c) Jordy Nelson d) Donald Driver 
Who was Brett Favre's first completion to?
a) Brett Favre b) Tim Tebow c) Sterling Sharpe d) Antonio Freeman 
Who did the Falcons acquire with the number one overall pick in 2001 draft in exchange for two pick that were used to pick Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson?
a) Matt Ryan b) Billy Volek c) Roddy White d) MIchael Vick 
Who tied for the record for the longest kick return in NFL history in 2012 season?
a) Brandon Banks b) Jacoby Jones c) Patrick Peterson d) Dante Hall 
Which one of these quarterbacks was undrafted?
a) Kurt Warner b) Tim Couch c) Tom Brady d) Tim Tebow 
Who was the last quarterback to take the Denver Broncos to the playoffs?
a) Peyton Manning b) Tim Tebow c) Kyle Orton d) Jay Cutler 
What college did Tim Tebow go to?
a) Miami (Fl.) b) Florida State c) Florida d) Alabama 
Which quarterback has ran for 1,000 yards out of these four players?
a) Daunte Culpepper b) Donavan McNabb c) Robert Griffin III d) Michael Vick 
Which one of these quarterbacks did not attend USC
a) Mark Sanchez b) Matt Cassel c) Carson Palmer d) Matt Hasselbeck 
Who had more sacks in the 2009 NFL season?
a) Tamba Hali b) DeMarcus Ware c) Jared Allen d) Elvis Dumervil 
Which one of these three doesn't hold the record for the NFL's longest field goal?
a) Sebastian Janikowski b) Matt Stover c) David Akers d) Jason Elam 
Which quarterback started the least amount of games their rookie year?
a) Josh Freeman b) Mark Sanchez c) Matthew Stafford 
Which one of these KC quarterbacks was signed because of youtube videos?
a) Matt Cassel b) Brady Quinn c) Alex Tanney d) Ricky Stanzi 
Which one of these players went to Pittsburgh for college?
a) Tyler Palko b) Tim Couch c) JaMarcus Russell d) Gus Frerotte 
Which team was the last team to enter the NFL?
a) Jaguars b) Texans c) Ravens d) Panthers 
Who is the current NFL commissioner?
a) Barrack Obama b) Barney the dinosaur c) Bob Saget d) Roger Goodell 

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