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What was the first major US Civil War Battle?
Who won the first battle?
Who was the Army of the Potomac Commander that reorganized the US Army after the battle?
The Confederate commander during the Seven Days Battles was?
Name one of the two forts in Tennessee that the Confederates held and lost to General Grant?
After the fall of Memphis, Confederates attacked the Union Army at what battle?
Which town was where the largest surrender of US forces until WW2 occurred?
The Confederates were turned back on the First Northern Invasion where?
Perryville the final major battle of the Kentucky Campaign was led on the Confederates by?
Grants Campaign against Vicksburg began crossing the Mississippi where?
This Union raid intentionally coincided with the above Vicksburg campaign?
Forts Jackson and Fort St. Phillip defended this Confederate city?
What was the battle the ended the Second Invasion of the North?
Who took command in the East over General Meade's Army of the Potomac before the Summer Campaign??
Who led the Union attack towards Atlanta?
Who led the Confederate counterattack around Atlanta?
When the Union campaign against Richmond went south of the James, the long siege of this battle occured?
When General Hood led the Confederate army from Atlanta into Tennessee he was defeated at one of these two battles?
The final surrender of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was where?

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