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Can you name the Civil War Battles and History along the Mississippi River?

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Brevet Lt. General Winfield Scott was ridiculed in 1861 for this plan that involved the two-pronged offense that included blockading the seaports and seizing the Mississippi River.The plan was called this for his approach of squeezing the Southern States into submission. Early on in 1861, he was ridiculed in the press, but after early defeats of the Union forces his simple plan actually was implemented.
The occupation of this Illinois city began in late April 1861, along the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers was a staging point for the advancing Union army.Considered by many to be very pro southern and the 'Southernmost city in the free States.'
What was US General Grants first large battle moving into Confederate soil?It was the first major battle of the Western Theatre and considered by some to historically where General Grant began a reputation as a fighter
Soon after the Battle of (number 3), General Grant pushed up the Tennessee River and quickly forced the surrender of this mostly evaucated fort called?Fort Henry was abandoned quickly after being deemed too low to the river (it flooded in fact only days after the attack) and indefensible and the Confederate generals quickly moved to the high ground afforded by another nearby. In fact the confederates surrended so fast, the infantry under Grant never participated. They surrendered to Flag Officer Andrew Foote.
Marching eastward on foot, General Grant quickly surrounded this fort only days later?This Fort under the Command of General Floyd housed at this point a fourth of the troops in the Western Theater for the Confederates.
Fort (answer 5) was along what river?Flag Officer Foote had to travel all the way the Ohio and back down the Cumberland to reach the fort.
The battle for number three's site was chosen by Union landing because of this citie's heavily fortified city grounds opposite it, also nicknamed 'The iron banks of ......?' After a August 1861 boycott of the Kentucky legislature elections by pro-confederate sympathizers, the state was 'won' and neutrality driven into the Union hands. The Tennessee Governor ordered its state troop commander, General Polk to seize the city's heights. Kentucky's communwealths 'neutrality' was violated and began swinging into pro-Union hands.
What was the largest city along the banks of the Mississippi River?This city, numbering an estimated 160,000 persons at the outset of the war, was acutally the largest city in the Confederacy. Most interestingly not just slighty, but over four times larger than the more prominent Civil War cities such as Charleston, SC, or Richmond, VA.
This Fort was one of two main forts defending the southern approach to (number 8), this fort however had a mutiny days before and possibly causing its premature fall.It has recently been argued that the large population that was housed in the mentioned city was home to thousands of blockaded neutral or pro-unionist individuals. The port was blockaded and former sailors needed to survive somehow, and when the opportunity to surrender or get out of the fight arose, around half of the fort walked out stunning the unsuspecting Confederate officers.
This is the other fort defending the southern approach to (number 8).The swampy lands approching these two forts was a serious degradation to the soldiers of both armies, however the Confederates where obviously subjected to forced manning of the fort.
Illinois may be known as 'the land of Lincoln,' but was acutally born in this Mississippi River state?Lincoln's family orginally was actually considered quite well off, however his father lost a significant portion of his land in ironically legal title disputes that resulted in his youth moving out of Kentucky and across the Ohio River and into Indiana.
Which city along the river, was a popular destination for wealthy owners to live even after the Civil War boasting the most millionaires in the United States at one point?Natchez, Mississippi. A large port city was a very popular location for the wealthy, even well into the 1900's the city's port was used as a popular destination for filming movies for its Riverboats, beautiful houses, and river access..
General Grant's first initials were U.S. Grant when in West Point's books. After capturing (number 5), the U.S. in his first two initials were called by many?General Unconditional Surrender Grant demanded the forts surrender when the defending confederates asked for terms, saying; 'No terms except unconditional and immidiate surrender can be accepted.' then added, 'I propose to move immidiately upon your works.'
In March 1862, General Polk, commander of Columbus realized his flank was turned after Grant seized the Middle Tennessee forts (Questions 4&5), retreating with 100 guns to?Opposite New Madrid, Missouri, this Tennessee flatland was chosen next to defend the northern approach to Memphis.
In Corinth, Mississippi this general brought most of his theater of operations against the Isolated Grant to reverse the fortunes of early 1862 at (Number 16)?Nearly every confederate in the Western Theater was brought to Corinth to concentrate and destroy this army, unfotumately at the bloody battle he fell, causing confusion in the bloodiest battle to the date. Ironically Grant was soon removed from command of that army.
As Don Carlos Buell's Army mached from the newly seized Tennessee capital, Grant's Army waited at this landing along the Tennessee?Grant awaited Buell's Army before striking further south. Unfortunately they would be surprised by another Army.
Battle and or History descriptionAnswerOther Info
In April 1862, the Confererates attempting to retake pro-confederate Western Tennessee after retreating back into Mississippi fought this bloody battle along the Tennessee River?The massive trade capital of Memphis was deemed indefensible due to its low height and minimal heights that would create a defensible position to blockade the water, thus again the reason the Conferates deemed Kentucky necessary for effective defense
On the night of April 4th ,1862 the Navy under Foote ran the guns of (Number 15), forcing its surrender and left only one Fort defending the northern approach of Memphis which was?Located 60 miles south of the Island fort it was only 40 miles from Memphis.
The occupation of New Orleans during the majority of the early Civil War was by this Massachusetts General?Arguably one of the most hated Union Generals, he was the invididual who labelled any woman who mistreated Union troops 'Women of the Town,' and thus prosecutable. Up until then, the hatred of the Union troops mave be dealt with by the men, but the government wasn't sure how to treat the women.
General Grant launched his first invasion of Mississippi on land from the North along the Mississippi Central Railroad but was forced back after a Cavalry assault on what town?Holly Springs Mississippi was one the the major Depots for the Union Army north of Oxford, MS. Van Dorn, a Mississippi native launched the 3500 cavalrymen into town 'defended' by one regiment of infantry that surrendered without any real fight. As a result, it was reported that every cavarlyman had him a Union uniform and as much clothing as he could carry, not to mention rifles and sidearms.
After the near Disaster at (Number 17), which General replaced Grant at the head of those armies?General Halleck was promoted again and again even to General-in-Chief of all US Armies often due to his having a certain Aggresive Western General
The Union Army after Shiloh advanced very slowly towards which critical railroad junction?Corinth, Mississippi was home to the junction of two railroads including one leading to Memphis causing its abandonment with Fort Pillow.
What was the name of the only Confederate Ironclad in active duty during the Summer of 1862?The Arkansas was operational for 23 days before being destroyed by its own crew. Sadly it had been sent to support the recapture of Baton Rouge but being over 200 miles away on repairs without her captain and engineer left to support the fight. Encountering Union fleet ships at a distance they destroyed their crippled ship, ironically not from enemy fire but irreparable damage.
Which navy commander demanded and recieved the surrender of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Natchez after slipping past the New Orleans forts?Flag Officer David Farragut had been ordered by Secretary of War Gideon Welles to ascend the Mississippi River and link up with the Western Flotilla stationed north of Ft. Pillow.
The Union's failed exploration up the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg left which Ironclad on the river bottom?The Cairo was one of the heaviest and most modern ironclads of its time. It truly was an amazing feat, but running close to the river shore hit a 'torpedo,' and sunk in less than two minutes.
Name the main west to east transportation hub along the Mississippi River but below Memphis.Vicksburg was a critical transportation hub for which all east-bound supplies would pass through south of Memphis and above southern Louisiana. Being as much trade to the Confederacy was done through Matamoras, Mexico, the hub was even more improtant for its imported weaponry.
South of the above question, another large fortification was placed along the banks of the Mississippi River. Where was it placed?Port Hudson was actually the last fort along the river to surrender, about a week after the fall of Vicksburg.
Name the commander of the defense of Vicksburg during its main assaultGeneral Pemberton was a Northerner by birth, marrying into the southern culture, his allegiance came with his family.
The final push to capture Vicksburg came by landing Union troops on the eastern shore of the Mississippi RIver at where?Bruinsburg, MS, was the main landing area with the Battle of Port Gibson occuring soon after. The landing was placed below the Big Black River. North of which was home to the bulk of Pemberton's Army.
What was the major land battle to repulse the Union army marching westward towards Vicksburg after burning much of Jackson?Champion's Hill unknown to many was a failed effort in part for the fractured Confederate leadership. Many of the Confederate leaders felt that General Pemberton should not be in command of the Southern Army.
On what day did Vicksburg fall in 1863?In reality the surrender of VIcksburg was agreed on the 3rd and formal stacking of arms began on the fourth of July.
In an attempt to sever the Union supply line to Vicksburg by river, the Confederates launched an assault on what Arkansas city on the Mississippi River?Nicknamed 'Hell-In Arkansas' by the Union soldiers after the battle, the piecemeal attack on the fortifications guarding the river were repulsed despite a much larger Confederate Army. They had hoped to force the Union Army to retreat north. Unfortunately, the fort had already surrendered.

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