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Term for the Renaissance movement that revived classical culture and glorified the human individual. Break from traditional Medieval thinking
Someone who purchases artwork
Wrote 'Book of the Courtier'
Commercial and defensive confederation of merchants,
Society in the Middle Ages was divided into:
System created by Ferdinand and Isabella that gave colonists the right to demand tribute from a native in exchange for their conversion to Christianity
Economic system based off of increasing the amount of precious metals in a country's possession
Medici pope... St. Peters Basillica
English court that persecuted nobles... added to the strength of nationalism in Europe
Spanish conquerer during the Age of Exploration in the 16th Century
Commissioned Michaelangelo to paint Sistine Chapel, Warrior pope... actively led troops into battle
Term for mixed race individuals by interbreeding between Spanish and Natives in Latin America
Person who has left country for another particularly for political reasons
King of France, let in to Italy by 'Il moro' led French conquest of Italy
Knowledge or experience in the fine arts
Marriage united Spain, funded Spanish exploration... inquisition
Best known medici, contributions to art world, funded botticelli ... son of Cosimo de Medici
Best example of new capitalism in the Renaissance
Ottoman Emperor
Principle of making maps, huge advancements were made in this discipline during the Renaissance and Age of Exploration
Name for the sea journey taken by slaves
Swiss historian that created the modern concept of the Renaissance, exaggerated its individuality and secularism
Florence's ruling family during the Renaissance
First Medici ruler in Florence
Hapsburg HRE
English, wrote utopia
Language spoken in a particular area by the average person
The Philosophy of Plato and his followers
Term for the exaggeration of Spanish cruelty to natives during the Age of Expansion... came to be because of Cortez, Pizarro, etc.
Name given to the transfer of goods between the Old and New World during the Age of Exploration
Philosophy of Plato that reemerged in the Renaissance
Term referred to gold coinage in Renaissance Europe
Renaissance means:
Not involving religion
One of Italy's 5 Major States
Medici pope when Rome was sacked
Wrote 'The Prince' and advocated for the unification of Italy
(il moron)... duke of Milan that tried to use French King Charles VIII as ally in the Italian wars... led to French laying claim to Milan as well
Powerful family from Spain that established roots in Italy... Pope Alexander the VI would be from this family... known for corruption
New technology that allowed for the taking of astronomical measurements and helped in navigation
Banking firm (family) loans to Charles V (hapsburgs)... go bankrupt when Hapsburgs didn't pay loans
Wrote 'History of Florence', Florentine diplomat

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