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Can you name the four-letter words in this word ladder?

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With rung 10, a song by Maroon 5
Something that U Can't Touch
It's below the mouth3
Metallic piece of currency4
Maine ____ cat5
A crazy bird?6
What a pirate goes after7
Not found8
To fail, in a game9
With rung 15, a ditty about romance
A zero score in tennis
Sheltered seaside area11
Shape of a pylon12
Classic Atari game14
With rung 20, a collection of tunes in a bundle of paper
A 10th century Chinese dynasty
Said in tune16
Gone down like a battleship17
Stacked beds18
Hit on the head19
With rung 25, a group of people who like to read
To reserve a hotel room
Prepare food using heat21
Another crazy bird?22
Solidified mass of blood23
Collection of character data (databases)24
With rung 33, a condition of rotated ankles
It's used to hit golf balls
Make a big mistake26
Excess body fat27
Level; not bumpy28
Loyal (archaic)30
Young horse31
To trick someone32
With rung 38, it prevents your legs from dangling
30.48 cm
Shape of Italy34
Yacht or canoe, for example35
More good than everything else37
With rung 45, a place to relax on a journey
A brief silence in music
Regular required payment39
Delivered a letter40
A chair, for example41
Thin bar of wood42
Place to insert a quarter43
Spill a liquid messily44
With rung 50, 'Cease what you're doing immediately!'
A period, in punctuation
Store away during a flight46
Irish playwright George Bernard ____48
Opposite of the first rung
What Meat Loaf won't do for love

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