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Can you name the missing lyrics to The Ultimate Showdown by Lemon Demon?

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Start of lyricContinued lyric# words
Old Godzilla3
Tokyo City4
When suddenly5
And hit5
Godzilla got pissed4
But didn't expect5
Who proceeded to open up a4
When Aaron Carter5
And he started4
Then they both got4
But before it could6
Abraham Lincoln5
And took an6
And blew Batman away3
But he ran out of bullets4
This is the5
Good guys,4
As far as4
And only3
I wonder4
This is the5
Godzilla took a5
Start of lyricContinued lyric# words
Like Scruff McGruff6
And then Shaq came back5
But Jackie Chan jumped out5
And Batman was injured5
When Abraham Lincoln5
But suddenly7
Indiana Jones6
Then he saw Godzilla4
And he reached for his gun5
'Cause Batman stole it and5
And Jackie Chan5
Then he jumped in the air5
While Abraham Lincoln3
Onto Optimus Prime6
Then they both7
This is the5
Good guys,4
As far as4
And only3
I wonder4
This is the2
Angels sang out in2
Down from the heavens3
Start of lyricContinued lyric# words
Who delivered a kick4
Into the crotch3
Who fell over on the ground3
As Batman5
But Chuck5
And he crushed Batman's head4
Then Gandalf the Grey4
And Monty Python and the Holy Grail's2
And Benito Mussolini and3
And Cowboy Curtis and3
Robocop, the Terminator5
Lo Pan, Superman,4
Bill S. Preston and2
Spock, the Rock,5
All came5
And they 7
It was the7
With civilians looking on3
The fight raged on3
Many lives were claimed2
The champion stood5
[final line before chorus repeats]6

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