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Clue5-Letter Word
♪ This is my [_____ Song] ♪
Sense of seeing
Audible breaths (of exhaustion)
Jedis' enemies
Blair and MacFarlane
Small paving stones
Electoral districts
_____ Tower (in Chicago)
Dancing with the _____
Beatles drummer Ringo
A single step?
Fixed in place
♪ 'Cause I'm gonna [_____ By You] ♪
Laurel and Lee
Quickly glances over
Clue5-Letter Word
Marks from injuries
Split something between multiple people
Walsh of The Walking Dead
Twinkle or glitter
They're above the ankles
♪ 'Cause I have sailed [1,000 _____] to you ♪
Loses one's balance on ice
Spills liquid messily
Falls onto a bed or into water
Small areas of ground
♪ It's a [Better _____] since you came along ♪

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