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Can you figure out the numerical answers by using either the given trivia facts or the mathematical equations? (See How to Play)

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Trivia HintAnswerMath Hint
(A) Number of the Apollo mission that first made it to the moonA = L - C
(B) Number of symphonies written by BeethovenB = N / V
(C) Number of Days of Christmas (according to the carol)C = Z - W
(D) Total number of pips on a six-sided dieD = QY
(E) Number of times the letter E appears in the text of Gadsby (by Ernest Vincent Wright)E = D - C - B
(F) Supposed temperature that paper burns, according to Ray Bradbury (in ° F)F = A(S + Q)
(G) Year that the first Google search was performedG = T + 2(O + F)
(H) Number of hexagons on a European footballH = T / (W + U)
(I) Number of protons in an iodine atomI = D + M
(J) Number of colors used to describe Joseph's coat, in a Webber musicalJ = S - V
(K) Number of letters in the Khmer alphabetK = G / (BY)
(L) Number worn by LeBron James for the LakersL = (K - V) / 3
(M) Number of levels in Super Mario Bros. (not counting glitch/hidden levels)M = L + B
Trivia HintAnswerMath Hint
(N) Highest number that can appear in the N column of a Bingo card (US)N = X / O
(O) Number of limbs on an octopusO = P / A
(P) Number of floors in the Petronas towersP = U(N - 1)
(Q) Hardness of quartz on the Mohs' scaleQ = W - N
(R) In computers, red is represented as (___, 0, 0).R = U^O - 1
(S) Number of letters in the longest song title from Mary PoppinsS = 2(H - Y)
(T) Time given to complete this quiz, in secondsT = XY
(U) Number in Bono's band U_U = 2(I - W)
(V) Number represented by V in Roman numeralsV = R / (W - 1)
(W) Number of white keys on a pianoW = H + E + M
(X) Highest number in the XBox family of game consolesX = V(K - U)
(Y) Number of colors on Yemen's flagY = (S - 1) / A
(Z) Scrabble value for ZQFMGB on a double word score box (if it were legal)Z = J + M + Y
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