Follow the Instructions!

Follow the instructions!

Wrong Answers Some wrong answers will appear in red
Try to follow the instructions in order. You may skip a question if you are unable to answer it, but try to stay in order for the most part.
Read the whole quiz.
Type the word 'answer'.
Press the '1' key four times.
Type the Sporcle category that this quiz is in.
What is 8 + 15?
Name one of the two lightswitch settings.
Type the year that this quiz was created on Sporcle.
How many letters are there in the quiz creator's username?
What is the capital of the USA?
Type the 26 letters of the alphabet in order.
Clap your hands twice, then type 'I did it'.
What is the largest planet that orbits the Sun?
In what year did the War of 1812 begin?
What sound does the cat make, according to Ylvis?
Count from one to ten out loud. Then type the sum of those numbers.
What color comes between orange and green on the rainbow?
What was Queen Elsa never bothered by?
Put your hand on the floor for three seconds. Then type 'Done that'.
Type 'dishrag', then press Backspace five times, then type 'version'.
Raise your hand for ten seconds. Then type 'I'm here'.
What word can come between FLAX and FEAT in a word ladder?
Complete the Sporcle quiz title: Drawing a _____
Using only your index fingers, type the word 'chopsticks'.
Type the word 'racecar' backwards
Say 'We're halfway there', then type 'Livin on a Prayer'.
Stand up and move your chair out of the way if necessary. Then type 'I'm Still Standing'.
Touch your toes. Then type 'I got it'.
Type '#narwhals'. Why? Just because. :p
Rearrange the following letters to form a (formerly common) type of quiz on Sporcle: XIEMD RODW
Take three steps to the right. Then return to the keyboard and type 'All right'.
Name a country that begins with the letter J.
Use your finger to draw a circle in the air. Then type the number pi to five decimal places.
Raise one hand. Then, with your other hand, type the word 'ambidextrous'.
Snap your fingers eight times, then type 'That was a snap'.
Type 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.
Lift one foot off the ground and wait ten seconds. Then type 'flamingo' while keeping that foot in the air.
Sing the chorus to your favorite song. Then type 'I know the lyrics'.
If the moon is made of cheese, type 'Yes, it is'. Otherwise, type 'No, it is not'.
Repeat instruction 35. Then do it again.
Type the letters of the alphabet in reverse order.
Take a peek at the timer to make sure you're on pace. Then type 'I will finish this quiz'!
Quickly jump up into the air fifteen times. Then type '#upintheair'.
Repeat instruction 39, then repeat instruction 35.
Just press the '4' key a bunch of times... (And don't just hold the key down because that won't work properly.)
Give a hug to another person in the room. If there isn't another person nearby, instead scroll down and get a hug from the 'Source' link. Then type '#warmandfuzzies'.
Give yourself a pat on the back. Then type 'Good job'.
How many seconds were you given to complete this quiz?
In which landlocked Asian country would you find the capital city Bishkek?
Yell out to the world, 'I'm almost finished this quiz!', then type 'Almost there'!
You must type 'I followed all instructions' before typing anything else in order to get a perfect score. If you followed the first instruction and noticed this, good for you! :)
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Wrong Answers: Some wrong answers will appear in red
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017

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