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AMiddle Eastern term for 'marketplace'
BIf you're good, you can make one with a pack of gum
CVery close to the actual value, nigh exact
DPeculiar or different
EMaple, Oak, or Sequoia
FTo have sufficient finances for
GIt may or may not have come before the chicken
HTraveler who might need a guide to the galaxy
I-ing form of a popular winter sport
KA Jewish celebration lasting eight days
LTo contact by phone
MOne who is above death
NComically entertaining
ONot an iron, a putter, or a pitching wedge
POf good humor
RThe legal union of two people
STo touch gently, frequently romantically
TIntellectually quick
UA region devoid of matter
VKnowledgeable; alternatively, a famous pirate's catchphrase
ZStyle of music which became popular in the 1920's

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