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Can you name the elements of Jaws which appeared in the novel, the movie or both?

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Quint's USS Indianapolis monologue
Hooper and Ellen Brody have an affair
The story is set in Amity
Quint is eaten by the shark
Hooper, Brody and Quint sing 'Show Me the Way to Go Home'
Hooper is killed by the shark
Chrissie Watkins is the shark's first victim
Mayor Vaughan is blackmailed by the Mafia
Quint's boat is named the 'Orca'
Brody tries to close the beaches but is overruled
A shark tooth is found in Ben Gardner's boat
The shark is blown up with a scuba tank
The Brodys have three sons
Hooper goes underwater in a shark proof cage
Two men on a pier attempt to catch the shark
Two kids cause a panic with a cardboard fin
The shark leaps onto the stern of Quint's boat
Brody, Hooper and Quint make three trips out to sea

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