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DateNameDescription (year of birth)
March 1Bandleader who disappeared on a flight over the English Channel in 1944 (1904)
March 2Final leader of the USSR (1931)
March 3Scottish inventor credited with inventing the telephone (1847)
March 4Italian composer who compsed The Four Seasons (1678)
March 5First Plantagenet monarch of England blamed for ordering the murder of Thomas Beckett (1133)
March 6Italian Renaissance artist whose works include the Sistine Chapel ceiling and David (1475)
March 7Gestapo chief and architect of the Final Solution assassinated in Prague in 1942 (1904)
March 8Author of The Wind in the Willows (1859)
March 9Cosmonaut and the first human in space (1934)
March 10Tough guy actor and martial artist who specialises in roundhouse kicks (1940)
March 11Australian media tycoon and head of News Corporation (1931)
March 12Actress who received an Oscar for portraying Sally Bowles in Cabaret (1946)
March 13Author and founder of the Church of Scientology (1911)
March 14Swiss physicist and Nobel Prize winner known for developing the general theory of relativity (1879)
March 15President of the United States nicknamed Old Hickory (1767)
March 16US President and a leading figure in the drafting of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (1751)
DateNameDescription (year of birth)
March 17Model and photographer who inspired the songs Something, Wonderful Tonight and Layla (1944)
March 18Final president of Apartheid South Africa (1939)
March 19Actor who played John McClane in the Die Hard movies (1955)
March 20Director of Malcolm X, She's Gotta Have It and Summer of Sam (1957)
March 21German Baroque composer who composed the Goldberg Variations and the Magnificat (1685)
March 22Flemish artist best known as court painter to Charles I (1599)
March 23Athlete and the first person to run a mile in under four minutes (1929)
March 24Bank robber partner of Bonnie Parker (1909)
March 25Singer-songwriter whose songs include Your Song, Crocodile Rock and I'm Still Standing (1947)
March 26Solo artist and former lead singer of the Supremes (1944)
March 27Director of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown (1963)
March 28Singer-songwriter who has had #1 singles with Just Dance, Poker Face and Born this Way (1986)
March 29NKVD chief under Stalin and head of the Soviet atomic bomb project (1899)
March 30Cream and Yardbirds guitarist nicknamed Slowhand (1945)
March 31French philosopher credited as the father of modern philosophy (1596)

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