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DateNameDescription (year of birth)
June 1Actress, singer and model born Norma Jeane Mortensen (1926)
June 2Swimmer who set 57 world records and later portrayed Tarzan, developing the Tarzan roar (1904)
June 3Spanish tennis player who has won 11 Grand Slam titles (1986)
June 4Actress who portrayed Lara Croft and won an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted (1975)
June 5Economist and author of The Wealth of Nations (1723)
June 6Spanish Baroque artist best known for his work Les Meninas (1599)
June 7Libyan leader from 1969 until his deposition in 2011 (1942)
June 8Inventor of the World Wide Web (1955)
June 9 English civil engineer known as the Father of the Railways (1781)
June 10Actress who portrayed Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1922)
June 11English Romantic painter known for his landscape works (1776)
June 12Teenage girl who wrote a diary whilst hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam (1929)
June 13Actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies (1953)
June 14Argentine revolutionary and key figure in the Cuban revolution of 1959 (1928)
June 15Soviet Premier from 1982-84 (1914)
DateNameDescription (year of birth)
June 16Comic actor and partner of Oliver Hardy (1880)
June 17King of England nicknamed 'Hammer of the Scots' (1239)
June 18Singer/guitarist in the Beatles and Wings (1942)
June 19Author of the Satanic Verses (1947)
June 20Decorated WWII solider who later starred in To Hell and Back (1924)
June 21Eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and second in line to the British throne (1982)
June 221930s gangster and bank robber gunned down outside the Biograph Theatre (1903)
June 23German goldsmith who invented the printing press (1400)
June 24Argentine footballer named World Player of the Year in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (1987)
June 25Author of 1984 and Animal Farm (1903)
June 26Manager of Elvis Presley (1909)
June 27American billionaire who ran for President as an independent candidate in 1992 (1930)
June 28King of England known for his six wives and for breaking with the Catholic Church (1491)
June 29Welsh mezzo-soprano and classical crossover artist (1980)
June 30Boxer who became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in 1986 (1966)

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