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43Invading Romans defeat British tribes along a river in southern England
60Suetonius' outnumbered Romans inflict a crushing defeat on Boudicca, ending the Iceni revolt
c.83Romans under Agricola defeat the Caledonian tribes in northern Scotland
c.516Britons inflict a heavy defeat on the Anglo-Saxons, a victory folklore later attributed to King Arthur
577Major West Saxon victory over the Britons, taking Bath, Gloucester and Cirencester
878Alfred the Great inflicts a major defeat on the Vikings
910Anglo-Saxons under Edward the Elder defeat the Northumbrian Vikings
937Anglo-Saxons under Athelstan defeat a Norse/Celtic coalition, assuring English pre-eminence in Britain
991Anglo-Saxons led by Earl Byrhtnoth defeated by a Viking army led by Olaf Tryggvasson
1016Canute the Great defeats Edmund Ironside and becomes King of England
1057Malcolm III defeats Macbeth
1066Harald Hardrada of Norway defeats an Anglo-Saxon army near York
1066Harold II routs Harald Hardrada
1066William of Normandy defeats Harold II and becomes King of England
1138English army led by William of Aumale defeats an invading Scottish force under David I
1141King Stephen defeated and captured by Matilda's forces
1174English army repels a Scottish attempt to seize Northumberland; William the Lion captured
1264Barons under Simon DeMonfort defeat Henry III, leaving Simon de facto King of England
1265Prince Edward defeats Simon DeMonfort's barons
1282A Welsh army led by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd defeats an invading English force
1282Llywelyn's forces defeated by Edward I, completing English conquest of Wales
1296Edward I defeats John Balliol, beginning Edward's conquest of Scotland
1297The Scots under William Wallace defeat the English at the River Forth
1298William Wallace defeated by Edward I
1314Robert Bruce inflicts a heavy defeat on Edward II and restores Scottish independence
1333Edward III's archers rout a Scottish force near Berwick
1346English army defeats a Scottish force near Durham and captures David II
1403Henry IV defeats Henry Percy, ending his rebellion
1461Major Yorkist victory in the Wars of the Roses, securing the throne for Edward IV; the largest battle ever fought on British soil
1471Edward IV defeats his main Lancastrian rival Warwick
1471Edward IV routs the Lancastrians, restoring peace for a decade
1485Henry Tudor defeats Richard III and becomes King of England
1487Henry VII defeats a Yorkist army in the final battle of the Wars of the Roses
1513English army led by Queen Catherine defeats an invading Scottish army; James IV killed
1542English victory on the Scottish border near the River Esk
1545Scottish army led by Archibald Douglas defeats an invading English army near Jedburgh
1547English naval bombardment and co-ordinated infantry, cavalry and artillery assault defeats the Scots along the River Esk
1568Regent Moray defeats the forces of Mary, Queen of Scots, who flees Scotland
1640Charles I defeated by the Scottish Covenanters in the Second Bishops' War
1642The first significant battle of the English Civil War ends in stalemate
1644Parliamentarians and Scottish Covenanters inflict a heavy defeat on Prince Rupert
1645Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army defeats the Royalists, effectively ending the first civil war
1645Scottish Covenanter army routs Montrose's royalists in the decisive battle of the civil war in Scotland
1648Cromwell defeats the Royalists and their Covenanter allies, ending the second civil war
1650Cromwell defeats the Scottish Covenanters, adding Scotland to the Commonwealth
1651Cromwell decisively beats Charles II; final battle of the English Civil War
1685Royalist forces of James II defeat Monmouth's rebel army
1715The Duke of Argyll defeats the Earl of Mar's Jacobites
1745Charles Edward Stuart defeats a Hanoverian army led by Sir John Cope near Edinburgh
1746Duke of Cumberland defeats the Jacobites under Charles Edward Stuart; last pitched battle fought on British soil

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