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What was the band of Cobain's wife, Courtney Love?
What guitarist was later added to supplement touring?
What band did drummer Dave Grohl go onto form?
Which band did Kurt Cobain cite as his pop influence?
What day did Cobain die?
What is the name of Cobain and Love's only daughter?
Who, besides Cobain, was the longest-running member of Nirvana?
In what city was Nirvana formed?
In what year was Nirvana formed?
Under what label did Nirvana first record?
What song was included as a bonus track on Nevermind?
Who did Nirvana ultimately choose to record its third album In Utero?
From which recovery center did Cobain escape prior to his death?
What was the last song Nirvana recorded?
To which song did Cobain authorize changes in order to allow In Utero to sell in more places?

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