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What is the capital of Peru?
How many years did the Hundred Years War last?
Who was the first actor to refuse an Oscar?
How many episodes of Fawlty Towers were made?
Which country has the longest coastline?
Who was the first foreign captain to lift the FA cup?
How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
Which author wrote 'Pride and Prejudice'?
The 2020 Olympic Games is set to be held in which city?
Simon Le Bon is the lead singer of which band?
Torchwood is an anagram of which popular British TV series?
'The Golden Arches' is the symbol for which corporation?
What is the only country beginning with 'O'?
Who was the first US President to be elected in the 20th century?
What currency is used in Russia?
What element is associated with the 50th Wedding Anniversary?
What does the 'W' stand for in 'George W. Bush'?
What was Erich Weiss better known as?
What is the national animal of Scotland?
What musical group features Bono and The Edge?
Who is known as 'The Queen of Soul'?
In Breaking Bad, what is Walter White's alias?
Which country makes the most films per year?
Which chemical element has the symbol K?
In the Fibonacci sequence, which number comes next? 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ?
The are 3 types of honey bees. The Queen Bee, the Worker Bees and the....?
What is the name of Dennis the Menace's dog?
Robin Williams dressed in drag for which 1993 film?
What does the 'I' stand for in 'HDMI'?
What was the first country to recognise the US as independent?

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