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Name the characters in the 'Rocky' saga.

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Let the hint clue you in....Answer
A Champion who needs no introduction, anywhere in the civilized world.
Wife to the Master of Disaster
Just wants to go the distance....
Had so much glass in his jaw he ought to be a chandelier.
Has 'vegetation' in his ear....and cuts on request.
Trashes a kid to get his jacket back.
Promoter who thinks poster discrepancies dont really matter.
Double gold medalist for the Soviet Union is swimming...and afraid for her husband's life
Implores Apollo to 'go after some new meat'...
Let the hint clue you in....Answer
He pities the foo'.
He's in charge of the meat....and throwing the bird in the yard.
Dont ya think he hears things.....
Suffers from the disease of being shy.
Fights 'one crazy old man' as he calls him in 'Skill vs Will'
Doesnt know it aint no law to duck.
He's not a machine....he's a man!
Hangs out at The Atomic Hoagie shop...and bartends at Andy's.
Touch him and he'll sue.

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