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Can you name the Dancing On Ice UK Contestants?

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SeriesNameProfessional Partner
1Sergey Malyshev
1Tamara Sharp
1Doug Webster
1Olga Sharutenko
1Marika Humphreys
1Todd Sand
1Pam O'Connor
1Matt Evers
1Kristina Lenko
1Daniel Whiston
2Pam O'Connor
2Natalia Pestova
2Pavel Aubrecht
2Kristina Lenko
2Fred Palascak
2Matt Evers
2Frankie Poultney
2Daniel Whiston
2Maria Filippov
2Andrei Lipanov
2Melanie Lambert
3Fred Palascak
3Andrei Lipanov
3Melanie Lambert
3Pavel Aubrecht
3Sergey Malyshev
SeriesNameProfessional Partner
3Victoria Borzenkova
3Susie Lipanova
3Daniel Whiston
3Kristina Lenko
3Maria Filippov
3Fred Palascak
3Frankie Poultney
3Matt Evers
4Kristina Lenko
4Andrei Lipanov
4Darya Nucci
4Melanie Lambert
4Susie Lipanova
4Frankie Poultney
4Fred Palascak
4Daniel Whiston
4Matt Evers
4Stuart Widdall
4Pavel Aubrecht
4Florentine Houdinière
4Maria Fillipov
5Andrei Lipanov
5Molly Moenkhoff
5Susie Lipanova
5Stuart Widdall
5Matt Evers
SeriesNameProfessional Partner
5Alexandra Schauman
5Pavel Aubrecht
5Fred Palascak
5Melanie Lambert
5Frankie Poultney
5Matthew Gonzalez
5Brianne Delcourt
5Maria Fillipov
5Daniel Whiston
6Sean Rice
6Mark Hanretty
6Maria Fillipov
6Łukasz Różycki
6Nina Ulanova
6Alexandra Schauman
6Sylvain Longchambon
6Frankie Poultney
6Daniel Whiston
6Katie Stainsby
6Matt Evers
6Isabelle Gauthier
6Jodeyne Higgins
6Michael Zenezini
6Colin Ratushniak
6Brianne Delcourt

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